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Exterminating Services
for Tumwater, Washington, and surrounding areas

With numerous attractions for everyone, Tumwater, WA has something for everyone. Aside from beautiful attractions, Tumwater, WA , also has various other parks and trails. There are also beautiful parks to go to. While its natural beauty may seem attractive, it also provides plenty of conditions that allow pests to thrive. Many properties like homes and businesses are within or near the greenbelts and wetlands. Exterminator services in Tumwater, Washington, face many challenges in this area. Due to the abundance of food, water, and shelter in the surrounding areas, rats, mice, and other animals thrive in Tumwater. Getting stung by these pests can be quite common in homes and businesses.


BIGFOOT Pest Management has been providing the best quality exterminator services in Tumwater, WA, for more than a decade. Our pest control specialists are very familiar locally, so we understand the issues you typically deal with every day. We properly utilized our knowledge, skills, and experience to get rid of pests and keep your home pest-free.

At our company we offer:

Treatments and Prevention: Do you want to keep your house pest-free all year-round? We can provide monthly or quarterly treatments to keep your home safe.

Inspecting the Place: If you do not know what pests are in your home, a thorough inspection is a good start. It is a great way to check for infestations in your home. It also can help identify if your home is already infested with annoying pests!

Infested Treatments: Treating infestations can be a bit challenging, especially when dealing with a lot of the same pests., but with the right treatment, can be done with BIGFOOT Pest Management.

 Pest Control In Tumwater, WA

We can find quite a few types of ants in Tumwater, WA such as the Odorous House Ants and the Carpenter Ants. The odorous house ants, are very small and have black bodies. They commonly feed on food and liquids. Carpenter ants are known to damage wood-producing structures. They can also cause structural issues if they get too close to home. 

Residents of Tumwater are prone to get stung by stinging insects during the warmer months. Although honey bees and mason bees are generally harmless, stinging insects such as yellow jackets and hornets can be very aggressive. It is very common for hornets and wasps to build small nests under the eaves of homes. On the other hand, yellow jacket nests are usually underground. 


At BIGFOOT Pest Management, we offer a variety of exterminator services that are available for both residential and commercial customers. We will keep your family always happy and your pets pest-free. For over a decade, we have always been providing pest control solutions to the residents of Tumwater, WA. BIGFOOT Pest Management is always here to assist you with any kind of exterminator service or pest control issue. You can always contact us anytime! 

Ant Control
When you treat an ant infestation, it involves a lot of detective work, and also a highly complex process. However, in our service, treating an ant infestation can involve various types of treatments, such as liquid chemical applications and interior baiting. 


Rodent Control
Creating an effective method for preventing rodents can be very time-consuming. It involves inspecting and repairing mechanical traps and bait station installations. However, our process is different from the other pest companies as we do not deal with just traditional methods of pest control but exterminator services offer new ways to keep your place safe from pests.


Spider Control
We can find several species of spiders not only in Tumwater, WA but also in other towns and countries. Although spiders can be beneficial for the elimination of different kinds of pests, they should be avoided because their bite can be extremely dangerous. That is why we are here to do the service for you to avoid getting bitten. 


Stinging Insects
Stinging ants are often found in the garden. It has been estimated that around 500,000 people visit the emergency room due to bites caused by stinging insects like hornets and bees. These insects are most active during the second half of the summer and early fall when the colonies are looking for food to sustain their queens. If you find stinging insects on your property, you can call us immediately. We offer professional pest exterminator services. We can then inspect and inform you about the type of stinging insect we find and provide a proper pest control program.
Carpenter Ants
These carpenter ants are known for their nest building. They create tunnels using the wood they dig out of the ground. This kind of ant does not eat wood. They only chew through it to create their nests. If you suspect that carpenter ants infest your home or business, it’s best to call us right away. Our exterminator services will give the best service which will make sure that no pests or insects can make cracks around your house. 


About Us



We are a local, family-owned pest management company located in Olympia, Washington, that brings effective, environmentally friendly pest exterminating services to our neighbors.


Our extensive, localized knowledge combined with nearly a decade of experience makes us your best choice for pest control in the South Puget Sound!


Why Choose Us

Legendary Guarantee


If you need additional services between regular treatments, let us know and we will come back for free!

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control


You will never have to worry about safety for your family, pets, or the environment.



You are in good hands! With 10 years in the industry, we are dedicated to going above and beyond.



We strive to offer the best bang for your buck and will work within your budget.

Programs Offered

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Image by Salmen Bejaoui

Legendary Program


The Legendary Program is for people who want nothing to do with pests in their home or business. This bi-monthly service guarantees you stay pest free!

Bigfoot Program


The Bigfoot Program is for a home or business that wants to stay on top of pest prevention. This quarterly service aims at making sure seasonal pest pressures are reduced. 

One Time Service


The One Time Service is geared towards those who want a one time service for the sale of a home, an emergency situation, or for those who just need a little pest help. 

Why Choose BIGFOOT Pest Management For The Best Exterminator Services?

If you're searching for a reliable and reputable pest control company that can help you prevent pests from destroying your home, then BIGFOOT Pest Management is the one for you. BIGFOOT Pest Management is a leading pest control and exterminator service in Tumwater, WA. We have been doing business for over a decade now and we are experts in dealing with pest control.


At BIGFOOT Pest Management, we use tools needed that will control the process to eliminate pests and keep them at bay. Our work can also help prevent future infestations. Our exterminator specialists are licensed professionals that have been treating thousands of homes and businesses in Tumwater, WA, and in surrounding areas.  

When It Comes To Pests, We Are The Best!

At BIGFOOT Pest Management, we make sure that our exterminator services specialists are fully trained to keep your home and business safe from annoying pests. We have over 10 years of combined experience and are committed to providing the best service possible! 

Are you tired of dealing with irritating pests in your home or business? Looking for the best ‘exterminator services near me?’ Don’t panic as BIGFOOT Pest Management is always here to assist you. Feel free to contact us today!

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