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Nobody likes walking out their door straight into a spider web! Our spider control treatments include physical removal of webs and egg sacs and thorough treatment to help prevent them from coming back. 


Pricing starts at $255

Professional Spider Control For Your Home

Spiders are usually looking for a dark, damp place to hide their webs. They enter homes through cracks and crevices. Although spiders are not known to transmit diseases, spiders can be harmful.


Some spiders are considered pests, and their webs are often regarded as unsightly.

Although it’s not fatal to humans, spiders can bite when trapped inside a piece of clothing or shoe. In worst cases, widow spider bites can affect the nervous system and cause various symptoms such as headaches, muscle aches, and high blood pressure. 


Spiders can also be very alarming to people with arachnophobia. It can cause uneasiness and panic attacks. Home remedies such as removing webs and sealing cracks can help prevent spiders from entering your home. But, if you’re finding spiders frequently in your home, you may probably have an infestation.


Although most spiders can live for about a year, some can last for up to 15 years. In this regard, getting professional spider control for your home can help prevent further damages. 


So if you think your home may be infested with spiders then call Bigfoot Pest Management, and enjoy our legendary services or click here and fill out the form. 

Effective Spider Control Tips

Regarding spider control, it can be a bit challenging. If spiders make you anxious, here are several tips to keep them away.


  • Keep your home tidy. It’s essential to get rid of the things that attract spiders, such as food waste and dirty clothes. It will help keep the insects away from your home and business.

  • Seal all possible entry points. Spiders are creatures that are looking for food. They can enter homes by crawling under the windows and doors. To keep them away, seal up the areas where they can find food.

  • Declutter from the side of your house. Spiders like to hide in plants and under woodpiles. When the cold weather arrives, they will start moving indoors. So, ensure to declutter from the side of your house.

  • Use glue traps. Instead of using a rolled-up newspaper, try catching spiders using glue traps. This method works by placing the traps in various parts of the home, such as bedrooms, attics, and basements. Make sure to avoid placing them near pets or children.

  • Use natural insecticides. When handling an insecticide, pay attention to the label and follow the instructions. If you're still worried about the chemicals, use essential oils to spray around your home or business. These natural products can help control spider infestations.


Spider control needs hard work, and there’s no quick solution to it. If spiders infested your home, you can rely on BIGFOOT Pest Management to get rid of this pest for good! We offer high-quality pest management, including spider control services, serving homes for over ten years. For effective spider control, feel free to contact us today!

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