Extermayion of Ants
Ant Control


Most of the ants we deal with here in the Pacific Northwest can be a serious nuisance, and that makes them difficult pests to get rid of. Let Bigfoot Pest Management do the hard work and make sure these pesky insects are taken care of. 

Pricing starts at $250

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Spider Control


Nobody likes walking out their door straight into a spider web! Our spider control treatments include physical removal of webs and egg sacs and a thorough treatment to help prevent them from coming back. 


Pricing starts at $250

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   Rodent Control


Nobody likes the idea of rodents infesting their homes and doing damage in the crawlspace or in the walls. Our rodent inspection, exclusion, and elimination ensures your home or business will be rodent free.



Pricing starts at $350

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Fleas bite and itch. Simply put, they're no fun! Our treatments can help eliminate fleas inside and prevent them outside. Your pets will thank us and you won't have to worry!

Pricing starts at $175

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Stinging Insects


The threat of stinging insects should never stop you from enjoying your time outside. We will find the nest and ensure they are eliminated and reduce the threat of them coming back.

Pricing starts at $150

Carpenter Ant Elimination


These pesky ants are not only a nuisance, but they can do serious damage to your home. Due to the seriousness this damage can cause, a professional assessment and treatment is needed to eliminate these wood destroyers.

Pricing starts at $250

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Seasonal Prevention 


There are tons of bugs here in the Pacific Northwest and a broad, generalized treatment is the best way to combat their pressures. Paying attention to entry points and the foundation ensures your home will be bug free!


Pricing starts at $250

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Crawlspace Cleaning


When rodents infest a crawlspace, they tend to nest in the insulation causing all kinds of damage. In addition to ruining the insulation, they spread disease and droppings. We can perform full crawlspace restoration to remove damage and disease and make it better than new!

Priced by bid

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Programs Offered

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Legendary Program


The Legendary Program is for people who want nothing to do with pests in their home or business. This bi-monthly service guarantees you stay pest free!

Bigfoot Program


The Bigfoot Program is for a home or business that wants to stay on top of pest prevention. This quarterly service aims at making sure seasonal pest pressures are reduced. 

One Time Service


The One Time Service is geared towards those who want a one time service for the sale of a home, an emergency situation, or for those who just need a little pest help. 


We are Olympia's Fastest Growing Pest Management Company.  We have over ten years in the business and are licensed and certified professionals ready to serve our community of Olympia and the surrounding areas.


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