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Proudly Offering Pest Management in Olympia, WA & Surrounding Area

Pest Control Service Rodent Control

Nobody likes the idea of rodents infesting their homes and doing damage in the crawlspace or in the walls. Our rodent inspection, exclusion, and elimination ensures your home or business will be rodent-free.


Pricing Starts at $355

Professional Rodent Control For Your Home

Rodents are very dangerous creatures that can harm your home and health. They can enter your home through the cracks and cause damage. Also, there are many diseases that rats and mice can carry. They can cause serious illnesses such as E. coli infection and salmonellosis.


What’s worse is some mice can also transmit a rare respiratory disease known as Hantavirus, which is fatal to humans. The diseases can be spread through bites, body fluids, and droppings. They can also be spread by parasites.


There are mice that can chew through materials, causing damage to plastics, books, writing, and other inorganic and indigestible materials. Some rats can also leave holes in the lawn that can lead to the destruction of building foundations.


Getting rid of rodent infestation alone may be a bit challenging due to the growth rate at which this pest breed massively. So, having a professional rodent control service for your home can also help prevent rodents from growing and returning. It can involve carrying out a sanitation program and structural changes in the home.

Rodent Control Service In And Around Olympia, WA

BIGFOOT Pest Management can help get rid of rodents and other pests in your home. We have a variety of services in and around Olympia, WA, including rodent control, for over ten years. In fact, not only do rats damage your homes, but they can also cause expensive repairs. From our top-of-the-line rodent control services, we're sure to have the solution for you!

Instead of settling for rodent damage, contact BIGFOOT Pest Management for the best rodent control service in Olympia, WA. At BIGFOOT Pest Management, our experts will work with you to determine the best way to get rid of rodents. They will also help protect your home from pests all year long!


When you choose BIGFOOT’s rodent control service, you can expect: 

●    Meticulous Rodent Inspection. If you're unsure if there's a mouse or rodent infestation in your home, one of our exterminators will come to check it out. If they find evidence of a rodent or mouse problem, they will treat the issue and make sure your home is safe from any infestation. 

●    Provide Infestation Treatments: Treating a rodent problem can be challenging, but with the help of our experienced and certified rodent control exterminators, we will get the job done right while keeping your family safe. They will also check the exits and entry points on your home to permanently seal them and prevent rodents from returning.

Rodents can be dangerous and can carry diseases. If they become a part of your home, call a professional rodent control company to get rid of them. At BIGFOOT Pest Management, we love to look after you and your family’s safety. So, we offer the best services - catered to your needs! 

What Our Customers Have To Say

We are Olympia's Fastest Growing Pest Management Company. 

We have over ten years in the business and are licensed and certified professionals ready to serve our community of Olympia and the surrounding areas.


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