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Professional Flea Control For Your Home

Flea Lookout!

Having pets in your house is a delight to your day. They remain a delight until one day, you see them scratching more often than they usually do. Never ignore such sight for it will save you more troubles when you check at once to look for crawling and jumping fleas! Trust the professionals to do it for you or you regret it later on.

Identified scientifically as order Siphonaptera, commonly known as flea, it belongs to blood-sucking insects which are carriers of diseases such as murine typhus and anemia. They are ectoparasitic insects that feed on the blood of mammals including those of humans and birds. The order Siphonaptera is small compared with other insects. However, they are recorded to have spread all over the globe by humans. Their habitat is warm-blooded animals. So, they are commonly found to live on humans, cats, dogs, opossums, rats, and other rodents. Moreover, shoes, pant legs, or blankets are also their common habitats. They are not visible to you all the time because they come in the form of eggs and pupae.

Flea Alert!
So, never ignore a single flea once you have spotted it from one of your pets. They can easily multiply. Imagine a single flea laying 50 eggs in a day. That’s a fact! In a matter of 21 days, these eggs will have been hatched, become adult fleas, lay eggs, then the cycle repeats. That is an estimate of 1,050 eggs in 21 days for a single flea! The multiplication is tremendous! And the effects would likewise be devastating! 

Flea Extermination

If you notice these fleas it is very important to call Bigfoot Pest Management right away! To exterminate these fleas, you have to stop them from multiplying and jumping off from one host to another. Once they have their first blood meal, then propagation begins. Thus, infestation happens, then flea extermination is necessary for your home!

Professional Flea Exterminator

Trust the professional exterminators to do the work for you. They do vacuum and spraying best. These are the procedures:

1.    First is inspection. The professional's lookout for places of flea infestation. 

2.    Second, once the places of infestation are identified, vacuuming will be done before spraying with insecticides. 

3.    Third is spraying the exteriors such as around doors, decks, porches, and other places identified with the infestation of fleas. They spray products to kill adults and prevent developing fleas from becoming adults which may be applied internally and externally in places of infestation. 

Further on, other professional exterminators guarantee to remove all the stages of flea development (eggs, pupae, and adults). And they do this in one treatment! Finally, call the professionals today and let your home be inspected and treated appropriately by professional hands and big foot! 


Proudly Offering Pest Management in Olympia, WA & Surrounding Area

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Fleas bite and itch. Simply put, they're no fun! Our treatments can help eliminate fleas inside and prevent them outside. Your pets will thank us and you won't have to worry!

Pricing starts at $175

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