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Proudly Offering Pest Management in Olympia, WA & Surrounding Area

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Most of the ants we deal with here in the Pacific Northwest can be a serious nuisance, and that makes them difficult pests to get rid of. Let Bigfoot Pest Management do the hard work and make sure these pesky insects are taken care of.


Pricing starts at $255

Although ants are small, they can cause quite a bit of damage. When they enter a home, they leave behind a scent that encourages other ants to follow their trail. If the ants nest on the outside, they can damage your plants and gardens. Also, ants can damage your home by chewing insulation and electrical cables.

Some ant species can cause painful stings. These insects can also cause headaches and skin infections. Also, some species, such as the pharaoh ants, can also spread diseases such as Salmonella and Staphitis.

Ant colonies can grow very fast. They can create an even more challenging environment to eradicate. Unfortunately, most do-it-yourself solutions can only kill the ants that you see. Not many of them can actually prevent the ants from coming back. In this case, you truly need a professional ant control service for your home!

Ant Control Service In And Around Olympia, WA 

BIGFOOT Pest Management has been helping people protect their homes from pests in and around Olympia, WA, for over ten years. We are a pest management company - fully licensed and certified to provide effective and efficient pest management services. Since we look after the well-being of our customers, we offer pest control services that will protect the home from pests for good.

Services We Offer

●    Ant Inspections Around Your Home. There are many species of ants in and around Olympia, Washington. However, do you know which ant species you need to deal with? 

Our experienced ant exterminator can help you identify which species of ants are causing the most damage to your home. They can then give you the most effective treatment to get rid of them.


●    Ant Prevention Program. BIGFOOT Pest Management can help get rid of ants with our effective and preventative treatment programs. As ants are a natural pest, our ant controllers will come to your home as necessary as possible in order to get rid of them.

●    Ant Infestation Treatment. If the ants have taken over your home, our ant control service will get rid of them. Our trusted ant exterminators will kick out ants on your house for good!

Do you have ant infestations in your home? Call our ant control experts at BIGFOOT Pest Management for help. Let us assist you when it comes to ant control in your home and keep your place from ants for good!  

Are Carpenter Ants Dangerous?

They work as carpenters in your home and furniture. They chew the wood and excrete it. They do this to make trails for friends and families. One sign to look for is to see if you have carpenters ants is to look for small wood shavings, random piles of particles, and frass. Have you seen two ants meeting and making a head-to-head collision? Their antennae function as touch and smell organs. They touch one another to send messages on what food they collected and what trail to follow when returning to their nests.

Small wonders they are in the world of insects! Proverbs 30:25 (The Voice) says, “While ants are hardly a strong species, they work constantly to store up food during the summer…” This constant work makes them wise and wonderful. However, some species, especially carpenter ants, can be harmful to humans! They have two sets of jaws; the outer pair is for carrying objects and for digging and the inner pair is for chewing. (Augustyn, 2020). 


Where Do Carpenter Ants Stay?

Carpenter ants do not necessarily always make their way through the wood. They make their way also through any cracks or small openings, high or low, they get there by climbing through. You can see them in wet and moldy wood, and near wet places such as air-conditioning units, dishwashers, sinks, and bathtubs! They love the moisture!

What to Do to Exterminate Carpenter Ants?

When you see your walls, smooth with a sand-papered appearance, that is a sign of an infestation of carpenter ants. This means you need to consult a professional exterminator. It is best to have them exterminated now before they damage your home through their massive appetites, they are also a risk to your health through their bites, and they invite other pests’ infestation which feed on them. Call the professionals at Bigfoot Pest Management today to start the work of eliminating these ants.

Carpenter Ants
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We have over ten years in the business and are licensed and certified professionals ready to serve our community of Olympia and the surrounding areas.


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